Saturday, August 7, 2010

Giveaway announcement

For those of you who don't know: I'm celebrating my first anniversary on Etsy by giving away a pendant. Today is the deadline for participating and voting on which stone I should use for the giveaway pendant. Thank you all for voting! The winning stone - by a landslide - is the beautiful rectangular labradorite.

I have already started sketching a design for this stone and I'm itching to start working with it.

Now for the winner. First of all, thank you all for entering! I have seen others do giveaways successfully, and even though it had been in the back of my mind for a while to do one, I thought it would be a total disaster and no one would sign up. A bit like when giving a party - you picture yourself sitting there with all the food and drinks, and no guests. I must say that I've had a lot of help, especially from my Aspiring Metalsmiths teamies, who have really spread the word. Thanks everyone!

To select the winner I kept a document where I wrote down everyone who entered and gave each individual entry (often several per person) a number. Then I went to to generate a number using their random number generator.

So.... drumroll... The winner is Gigi Anber, a member of my EtsyVeg Team. Congrats Gigi! Check out her literally delicious Veganville shop on Etsy.

I will post the necklace here and on Facebook when it's done. Thanks everyone, you made my Etsyversary a splendid one!



  1. Yay Oh thank you so much Esmeralda!The necklace is beautiful! Can't wait to receive and wear it and show it off! (thanx for the Veganville goodies plug)