Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frosty is approaching

The signs are clear. The fish in our pond have been strangely absent from the surface lately, not eating their food. They had been growing fatter and fatter as autumn proceeded, and this weekend we fished them up and put them in a dark container for their winter sleep. Birds have been flocking around the basket we start filling with sunflower seeds some time in autumn. They eat about a basket per day right now! It gets crazy there sometimes and Yasmin the cat loves to sit in the tree under the basket and keep watch.

So far there has been frost a few times, but it has been warm-ish in between and I have been able to use leaves for my jewelry projects as before. But now that ship has sailed. This morning we had ice on the pond and at sunset the ice was still there.


The fern I use to make my fern rings has given up for this year:
Cookie, our other cat is often staying indoors despite nice sunny weather. We try to tell her, Cookie, it will get worse! Remember last year when we had snow from December to April and you were so frustrated we had to change the sofa cloth the following spring? So go out while there is no snow! So she goes out for a minute or two and sits in the sun, and then she goes back inside, where its warm.
But so far it is so very pretty outside, look here:

And some brave flowers still hold out, but not for long..


  1. love the fern photo... and the "brave flowers".

  2. You do such a good job describing your surroundings! I love the photo's. Keep us updated!

  3. sigh such a beautiful inspiring landscape! thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful photos! Makes me so sad though--I miss fall so much! Hawaii is gorgeous, of course, but I sure do miss those seasons!