Sunday, January 9, 2011

THAW - week 1

From now on I will - hopefully - write a weekly post with one new jewelry item. This is part of a year long challenge that a group of metalsmiths including myself are participating in. The challenge is to design and make one new piece every week, i.e Thing a Week or THAW.

Everyone can set the THAW challenge the way they want it to. My THAW goals for this year are:
- to make a new design every week and keep the timelines
- to challenge myself: use methods and make items that I am not comfortable with

This week's item, number one, is the Call of the Wood Nymph pendant. It is a new design for me, with a pierced design at the top, and soldered details to the right. I don't often mix copper and silver, but I love the combination and I should use it more often. In the center is a beautiful atlantiscite triangular stone.


  1. I love the little copper accent. Very nicely done!

  2. A stunning piece. I love atlantascite and I love what you did with this stone.

  3. lovely piece, Esme. the challenge is a great thing, and the year should yield some good work!