Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A warm summer's day..

PAW2011-1, originally uploaded by SilverBlueberry.
This picture shows the paw print of my cat Cookie on a frosty porch. Poor Cookie. She is a heat-loving kitty. In summer she lies in sunny corners and sleeps, then stretches, rolls a little, sleeps again, stretches again, etc. In winter, none of these favorite activities are very pleasant. It's cold outside, there is no sun of significance and all the favorite spots are covered with that stuff she always forgets about during summer - snow.

The past winters have had very heavy snowfall - all the worse for Cookie! But she does go out every day. And that little paw print there represents that feeling we can all have on dark winter days - we don't want to get up in the dark and get home from work in the dark. We'd rather cuddle up at home and hibernate, and think of warm summer days when the breeze hits us softly and the sun is almost too warm..

I do like winter. The break from the garden work. Everything is waiting as buds on the trees or bulbs and roots underground. Mice have dug tunnels through the snow and walk around there unnoticed. The beach season is far away and everything is still possible. If only there would be a little more light. ;)


  1. I can definitely relate Esme. Love the photo.

  2. Oh do I hear you on the returning of LIGHT. I moved west to escape brutal winters, but all I got was the same dim weeks on end in the winter months.
    Springs around the corner and its no time to be a slacker.... I keep telling myself.

  3. I'm with Cookie. When it's cold, I want central heat.

  4. Cute photo.... my little kitty is called Kookie and she likes the warm too (she does however refuse to go out in the snow!) x

  5. I know. I kind of like winter (except when the dog wants a long walk in a blizzard)...but I do think I have a bit of that SAD syndrome by February....not enough sunshine around here either this time of year!