Sunday, May 15, 2011

The birch season has started!

There is a period in early spring where I keep glancing at birch trees. The time in which they go from having an almost indiscernible green hue to having fully developed leaves is very short. You have to be there at just the right time and pick the leaves when they're the prettiest. This year was extra hard since we had unbelievable hot weather at the end of April. I spent one Friday picking about 40 leaves and painting them with Precious Metal Clay paste. After that first layer they are preserved, and I can use them later on.

Look at the pattern on those leaves. Beautiful!

Rows of leaves like cookies on a baking sheet
And the finished result - a fired birch leaf on a silver ring:
I just listed this ring in my shop and any sizes can now be ordered. Happy spring!


  1. Congratulations for the great work.
    A hug.

  2. Love the ring, turned out great.

  3. I love the seasonality of your work, Esme!

  4. Thanks! I love making things season-wise. :)