Thursday, January 26, 2012

The sweat of the sun and the tears of the moon

Weird title? A few days ago I went to see the Inca gold exhibition in Stockholm and I wanted to remember this.

According to the Inca, gold was the sweat of the sun and silver the tears of the moon. Isn't that pretty? Of course it had implications - no regular people ever wore gold or silver, only royalty did, since they were believed to be the living descendants of the sun god, Inti.

Anyway, they showed the most amazing and delicate gold and silver work there. Some of the jewelry could be mistaken for modern art jewelry - big solid gold ear plugs, giant (giant!) ear pieces or neck pieces, forehead, chin or nose decorations.. Not your everyday jewelry.

I definitely got inspired - now I feel like making all kinds of nose jewelry :)

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